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Day: July 26, 2022

Work on Macksville Road planned

Pawnee County

Highway Administrator Kurt Demel reminds us that the time has arrived for road construction to begin on Pawnee County blacktops.

This year Heft & Sons has mixed 7,500 tons of cold mix asphalt which is 2,000 tons less than last year due to the rising cost of oil.

The asphalt will be used for spot overlays and repairs on our blacktop.

Road work will begin in the mid part of this week beginning on the Macksville Road (40th Ave) and moving over to the John Lewis Road (L Road).

After repairs are made in those areas the road crews will be moving out west to the North and South Rozel Roads, North Burdett & Burdett Cemetery Roads.

Keep an eye out for the guys out on the road and giveā€™em a brake!